Air BnB

Miami, FL

Beautiful Waterfront Penthouse in the most prestigious neighborhood in Miami.

Enjoy your stay at our Premium Penthouse in South Beach Miami. One of the most prestigious neighborhood in Miami, you won’t regret staying at this 5 star rated Air BnB.

São Paulo, Brasil

Stay in this luxurious Duplex in the Largest City in the Americas.

This 2 floor apartment is the perfect accommodation to make your stay in one of the top 10 Largest Cities in the World. With a beautiful view of the city skyline from the living room, you won’t regret staying here while visiting São Paulo. 

Boca Raton, FL

Modern Retreat with Private Swimming Pool.

Stay in this Modern Retreat in beautiful Boca Raton, FL to experience the perfect family getaway. Enjoy the private swimming pool and exclusive access to the Golf Club with tennis courts, golf course, and a state of the art athletic facility all throughout your stay here.